Bing Search is the default search engine on Open AI’s popular ChatGPT service, Microsoft announced today. Microsoft said that Bing is now the default search experience on ChatGPT.

Who will see it. First ChatGPT Plus subscribers will begin to see Bing Search as an option starting today. Then free users of ChatGPT will “soon” be able to use it by enabling a plugin.

What it does. This will give ChatGPT more up-to-date information and timely information powered by Bing Search. ChatGPT has a data set from 2021 or earlier, which is why using Bing Chat provided a better experience for more timely questions.

Now, with Bing Search in ChatGPT, the service can “provide timelier and more up-to-date answers with access from the web,” the company wrote.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot showing how it is enabled for Plus subscribers:

Why we care. This should help make ChatGPT even more useful to searchers and people with questions. It will be interesting to compare ChatGPT with Bing Search against Bing Chat and see how each flavor of answers differ.

So for you Plus subscribers, you can now give Bing Search a try directly in ChatGPT.

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