Microsoft is testing a new setting for “tone” in the new Bing AI search and chat experience. You can set the tone to be creative, balanced, or precise to tailor the type of responses you get from the Bing AI chat.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot posted by Mike Davidson, Corporate Vice President, Design & Research at Microsoft, on Twitter:

What it does. Mike Davidson said, “some users will see the ability to choose a style that is more Precise, Balanced, or Creative.” I personally do not see this feature yet, so I cannot really test it out, but Microsoft is testing it to a subset of those invited to test the Bing Chat AI feature.

By the description, either Bing will respond with a more precise, maybe factually accurate response or a balanced response that shows multiple sides of the argument, or creative, maybe a response that is a bit more out there.

More changes to Bing AI chat. In addition to the above experiment of setting a tone, I noticed other updates to Bing AI chat this weekend.

New daily limit of 100 queries per day

Search queries are not included in the limit

The Edge sidebar limits are a fixed number

A new tagging system to help Bing disambiguate parts of the query

Tone of voice changes

Relaxing some constraints

And inviting more users to test the new Bing AI chat

Why we care. It is fascinating to follow all these rapid changes from Microsoft on its new Bing AI Chat. Keeping an eye on what Microsoft is doing to improve the quality of the results, how it responds to criticism, and more is something that is not just fun and exciting to stay on top of, but may teach us about how we can leverage these features to garner more traffic to our sites.

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