Online giving is growing more popular. So, Whether you’re a charity, a non-profit, or a creator looking for support, a good WordPress donation plugin might be an essential part of your website. When dealing with money, it’s essential to be certain you have the best tools available; this article will take you through our top WordPress donation plugin choices.

What is a WordPress Donation Plugin?

A WordPress donation plugin is essentially a plugin for your WordPress site that lets you take in donations from your users. Instead of using a third-party site, a donation plugin allows you to accept donations right on your WordPress site. This allows you more freedom to design your own non-profit or charity site using any WordPress theme or Divi Layout Pack.

While it may seem straightforward, there are key features that every dependable donation plugin should have. For example, you will want a donation plugin that works on desktop and mobile devices and is adaptable to your website design. When it comes to functionality, it’s important that your donation plugin supports popular payment methods, delivers receipts to donors, and enables recurring payments from donors.

So, in this list, we’ll let you know our top choices for the best WordPress donation plugins.

10 Best WordPress Donation Plugins

Locating your ideal solution can be challenging, but luckily there are a ton of great options when it comes to donations. So, without further adieu, let’s get into it.

1. GiveWP

GiveWP is one of the most popular plugins available on WordPress, currently garnering over 100,000 active users, and for a good reason. It allows you to take one-time and recurring donations with various PayPal and Stripe.

Additionally, you can view insights and track analytics from the donor database. This allows you to know how much you’re making and who your top donors are.

Donor management and payment history tools are available through GiveWP, along with customizable templates and plugin support with Mailchimp and other email marketing tools. The plugin also makes it easier for donors to register and allows them to keep track of their contributions.

Key Features of GiveWP:

Custom goals and templates.
Donation subscription services.
Full analytics reporting system.
Integrates with Divi

GiveWP’s essential features are available for free and without any transaction costs. In addition, the forms themselves are nicely made and include lots of customization options. The free donation plugin comes with PayPal and Stripe integration, a donor database, access to reports, form grids, and more. But there are premium features that you’ll need to buy, such as reoccurring donations and PDF receipts.

GiveWP is for you if…

You are looking for a complete donation package.
You want to use email marketing or a multi-level donation campaign.
You’re interested in Stripe and PayPal integration.
You use Divi

GiveWP Pricing: Free. The Basic Package starts at $149. | Learn More Here

2. WPForms

Not only does WPForms come with an adorable bear mascot, but it’s actually one of the best drag-and-drop form builders for WordPress, especially for beginners. This is mainly because it has an integrated form template that you can use to build an online donation form for your website.

Using its pre-built templates, WPForms enables you to quickly and easily develop customized fundraising forms. Donations are sent directly to your account thanks to the integrations of the payment gateways provided by PayPal, Stripe, and

The supported email marketing services, such as Mailchimp and AWeber, assist you in building your email list and extending your campaign’s reach. Also, the form abandonment add-on enables you to convert incomplete entries into possible leads.

WPForms is free, but you need to pay for the add-on to collect donations. They also offer a discounted license for non-profits at only $99 / year, which is 75% off their regular price.

Key Features of WPForms:

Easy-to-use forms.
You can use the same plugin for all your forms for donations.
Email marketing add-ons with Mailchimp
Advanced Divi integration built-in

With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can build contact, survey, and registration forms to help gain contribution websites. You can also create contact, survey, and registration forms with the help of WPForms to assist your donation pages. Every form has spam protection, guaranteeing that only legitimate submissions are accepted.

WPForms is for you if…

You want an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder.
You want add-ons for email marketing.
You’re a non-profit that would benefit from the discount.

WPForms Pricing: Prices start at $39.50. | Learn More Here

3. Charitable

Charitable offers many of the same things as GiveWP, including support for geolocation, quick updates, videos, user avatars, anonymous donations, and more. This donation plugin’s free edition includes helpful tools for building effective donation campaigns. You can create countless time-limited campaigns that automatically mesh with the theme of your website. You can link your PayPal account to your website using Charitable. The contribution process is made even easier by the availability of clear instructions for offline payment methods, including bank transfers and checks.

Charitable’s flexible donation management system is user-friendly and enables you to sort and search for specific donations and export the information into a CSV file. Additionally, Charitable offers unique email tags for individualized emails and an automated donation receipt production service.

Key Features of Charitable:

Process payments using offline and PayPal methods.
Customize the behavior and appearance of your donation forms.
Create donation forms for various charities.

This WordPress plugin gives you all the tools you need to create aesthetically pleasing and functional donation forms, all matching the design of your site. To top it off, there are no platform costs for Charitable.

Charitable is for you if…

You want a quick and free solution.
You want a form that easily integrates with your website’s style.
You want to create multiple forms for a variety of different causes.

Charitable: Free. Premium $99/yr. | Learn More Here

4. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms advertises itself as the best WordPress forms plugin, and for a good reason. With Formidable Forms’ drag-and-drop form builder and visual styler, you can easily make a donation form that matches the design of your website. They provide you with several form templates that can be used to simplify the overall design process, including WooCommerce forms and donations, and transaction forms. Additionally, these forms can also be modified using Bootstrap and custom HTML codes.

The SMS notification option will let you know when a donation has been made, and it supports interfaces with a variety of email marketing systems, including Mailchimp and AWeber. In addition, it supports Stripe, PayPal, and payments.

Key Features of Formidable Forms:

Easy-to-use form builder and styler
Lots of different form types and templates.
Custom fields to WooCommerce product forms to gather data.
Stripe, PayPal, and integration.

The wide variety of form templates and settings lets you create the perfect form that looks great on your website. Also, Formidable Forms, like WPForms, can assist in building your email list so you can gain more visibility.

Formidable Forms is for you if…

You want to be able to collect from a lot of different currencies.
You want Stripe support.
You want email marketing integration.

Formidable Forms Pricing: Starts at $49.50/yr. | Learn More Here

5. WP Simple Pay (Stripe Payment Forms)

WP Simple Pay is a WordPress plugin made to assist you in obtaining one-time or regular donations through Stripe. The plugins payment forms are mobile-optimized and include built-in support for credit card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH debit.

Advertised primarily for their partnership with Stripe, it’s a standalone plugin that directly connects Stripe with your WordPress site. So you also have their security backing your donations. This is a freemium plugin, so you’ll have to pay extra for all the features. But the free version does come with a handful, such as custom fields, user-entered amounts, coupon codes, tax rates, subscription services, alternate payment methods, ACH, direct debit, Buy Now, Pay Later methods, and more.

Key Features of WP Simple Pay:

Developer-friendly for building custom integrations
Embeddable payment buttons
You can collect from over 100 currencies with Stripe

The simple form creation and design are ideal for beginners to set up a donation page, and the ability to collect from a wide range of currencies is fantastic if you’re working in a global marketplace.

WP Simple Pay is for you if…

You want to be able to collect from a lot of different currencies.
You want to sell memberships with recurring payment options
You want Stripe support backing your website.
You are a non-profit wanting to accept credit card donations
You want to build your custom forms using dev tools.

WP Simple Pay Pricing: Free. Pro starts at $49.50/yr.| Learn More Here

6. Donation for WooCommerce

Donation for WooCommerce is an extension that allows you to turn your WooCommerce product pages into usable fundraising platforms that will enable donations from your users. So, this solution works effectively for current WooCommerce stores that want to include a charity component and encourage customers to donate to various organizations.

Key Features of Donation for WooCommerce:

Create multiple donation campaigns.
Subscription donation functionality.
Awesome roundup pricing feature.

If you’re familiar with WooCommerce, this should be a super easy extension to get a custom with, and integrating your store should be a breeze. It allows for recurring donations, for you to display donation forms anywhere on your site, and has a roundup function so your customers can donate their change to a charity.

Donation for WooCommerce is for you if…

You are using WooCommerce already.
You want to integrate donations with your store.
You want to take advantage of a round-up method for collecting donations.

Donation for WooCommerce Pricing: $99/yr | Learn More Here

7. Seamless Donations

The Seamless Donations plugin enables you to create a single donation form that visitors can utilize to donate to one of the charities you’re promoting. So, users can choose how much to contribute and where the funds should go at the donation stage.

The free version of the plugin gives you everything you need to make a basic donation platform out of your website. If you’re looking for a simple solution without anything too advanced, this could be what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for some extra features, you can buy premium add-ons for $19.95 each. These features include custom donation levels, different form styles, and enhanced thank-you auto-responses.

Key Features of Seamless Donations:

Accepts multiple currencies.
Doesn’t charge a commission or percentage fee on transactions.
Free and easy to use.
Accept donations via PayPal and Stripe.
Supports donor tracking
Connect the donation plugin to third-party tools like GoodBye Captcha and SendGrid.

The ability to quickly adjust your settings from the WordPress dashboard combined with the zero platform fees make this an enticing solution for those who don’t want to shell out the extra dough. The Seamless donation plugin makes it simple to collect donations from all over the world and features connectivity with Stripe and PayPal, as well as a straightforward setup process.

Seamless Donations is for you if…

You want a cheap and effective solution to collect and manage donations
You use Stripe or Paypal.
Like the idea of being able to buy add-ons if needed
You want access to integration with Goodbye Captcha and SendGrid.

Seamless Donations Pricing: Free. Premium features are $19.95 each.| Learn More Here

8. WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a WordPress fundraising plugin that enables you to build a crowdfunding supporter website similar to Kickstarter or GoFundMe. You can use your site to back your favorite charities or different kinds of projects.

Using WP Crowdfunding, you can accept and manage the contributions from various donors using the native wallet system in WP Crowdfunding, which is powered by WooCommerce. In addition, the Stripe Connect payment gateway makes it simple to transfer money to project owners. Along with credit cards, users can donate with payment platforms like PayPal, Skrill, and Stripe.

Key Features of WP Crowdfunding:

Woo-Commerce-backed wallet system.
Crowdfunding campaign style and functionality.
Advanced project settings for managing campaigns (i.e. setting min/max price, funding goals, reward system, etc.)

This tool lets you track the success of crowdfunding projects and gives you all the tools to compete with big boys like Kickstarter. The free edition of WP Crowdfunding offers the majority of its fundamental features. Paid versions include more sophisticated features like a centralized Native Wallet System, Stripe Connect, analytical reports, email notifications, infinite incentives, and more.

WP Crowdfunding is for you if…

You are looking to create an aggregate-style funding site.
You want your website to be a hub for aggregate donations.
You have a project you want to crowd-fund but don’t want to use other websites.

WP Crowdfunding: Free. Pro starts at $149.00/yr. | Learn More Here

9. Donorbox

Donorbox is a free plugin with everything you need to start a cost-effective fundraising campaign. You can completely alter the color scheme, style, and language settings of the Donorbox donation form to match the layout of your website.

For optimum exposure, Donorbox can also automatically identify the preferred language of donations. In addition, you can provide contributors the option to choose between several donation amounts, which will expedite the payment process. Regular contributors can also keep track of their donations through the login credentials that Donorbox provides.

With the help of this free WordPress plugin, you may accept payments in currencies through well-known payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and also bank transfers. You can also accept physical donations in the form of cash and checks.

Key Features of Donorbox:

Auto-detect preferred language.
Monthly recurring donations are easy to set up.
Stripe & PayPal integration.

This plugin supports both one-time and subscription-based donations on multiple different time scales, and it allows you to set preset amounts or have the user choose their own donation amount. They allow you to receive up to $1,000 in donations without charging you anything, but you will have to pay a 1.5% platform charge for all further amounts. This is in addition to fees from platforms like PayPal.

Donorbox is for you if…

You are looking for a quick way to embed a form on your website
You Earn less than $1000 a month.

Donorbox Pricing: Free. 0.89% fee per month incurring after $1000 minimum | Learn More Here

10. Name Your Price

Name Your Price enables personalized recurring donations when used in conjunction with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, enabling donors to control the amount and even the frequency of their gift. You can give users suggestions for their donation amount or have them gift at the level they want.

Name your price is also versatile for your WooCommerce store by either recommending a price to your consumers and/or imposing a minimum acceptable price, giving them complete control and increasing your sales!

Key Features of Name Your Price:

Take donations, recurring or single usage.
Sell gift vouchers.
Gather user data for what they want to pay for your goods.

This plugin supports donations both reoccurring or single use and is also incredibly useful for your WooCommerce store. It’s super easy to set up and can help you increase your sales and get better insight into your consumer base. We have a full tutorial on how to accept Paypal donations on your WooCommerce site using this plugin.

Name Your Price is for you if…

You have a WooCommerce store active.
You want a “name your price” option for your store.

Name Your Price Pricing: Free. 0.89% fee per month incurring after $1000 minimum | Learn More Here

Final Thought on Donation WordPress Plugins

There are tons of good reasons to request donations from website visitors. You can utilize your website to generate money for deserving organizations, organize fundraisers for individual projects, or even solicit donations to cover your operating expenses. A suitable WordPress plugin to assist you in processing those donations is essential for success. We hope you found one of the above plugins a viable solution for your needs.

Also, the WordPress Block Editor has an embed block (and a handy Kickstarter Block) if you want to showcase third-party charity content hosted elsewhere. And there are even more robust non-profit plugins for WordPress that include donation functionality you may want to check out.

Did we miss any great donation plugins? Leave a comment telling us below!

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