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Creative Trends of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

  • Increase sales, revenue and profit.
  • With our full-service agency, you get:
  • Comprehensive local knowledge.
  • Marketing development opportunities in the community through our full-service agency.
  • Efficient communication between agencies and clients.
  • Easy access to highly skilled advisors.
  • A dedicated team of experts to guide you through the digital marketing process.
  • We provide local marketing and sales consulting.
  • Our focus is on helping our clients grow their businesses.
  • We provide innovative and strategic digital marketing solutions to help your business get noticed and be part of the conversation.
  • We specialize in unique tactics for your business.
  • Use the top tools for local marketing (Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) to find your audience, reach them and engage with them. We use social media to develop a database of prospects. Get new leads daily by simply entering a keyword or phrase that you know people are looking for in Facebook Ads or Google Ads Search Ads. Get customers to come back!

A dedicated team of experts to guide you through the digital marketing process.

Creative Digital Marketing Consultant
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Appalachian Trends’ tech forward professional troubleshooter.
Think of consultants as professional tech forward troubleshooters.
Appalachian Trends offers professional business advice and strategy consulting.
We help businesses through a variety of services, including B2B and B2C engagement.
Zack has helped our clients with his unique skillset & had helped our clients across the country solve marketing problems.
We provide the complete solution for your business.  We work to understand your needs, deliver targeted content and assist with creative advertising, to help you meet your goals.v